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Refer to the topology below. R1 and R2 are configured to run HSRP. The network administrator wants to ask you about how HSRP operates in the vent of a device failure.


Question 1


Check the HSRP state of R1 via the “show stanby” command:


R1 is the active router for HSRP group 1 (subnet so all traffic will be sent to it.

Question 2



When Ethernet0/0 goes down the priority is decreased by 40 (standby 1 track 1 decrement 40). Therefore when it recovers the priority is increased by the same value of 40.

Question 3


HSRP Group 2 is connected via the E1/0 interfaces on both routers so we should check them carefully via the “show running-config” command:

On R1:


On R2:


As we can see there is no authentication on R1 while R2 requires authentication with password “cisco123” -> Authentication between R1 & R2 fails so R1 & R2 cannot exchange HSRP messages -> both R1 & R2 will claim the active role for HSRP group 2. You can verify again with the “show standby” command.

Question 4


Use the “show standby” command on R1 to get the virtual MAC addres of HSRP group 1:


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