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Refer to the topology below. R1 and R2 are configured to run HSRP. The network administrator wants to ask you about how HSRP operates in the vent of a device failure.


Note: The answers of this sim may be different if the outputs are different so please check each answer and output carefully and grasp the concept behind each question.

Question 1


Check the HSRP state of R1 via the “show stanby” command:


R1 is the active router for HSRP group 1 (subnet so all traffic will be sent to it.

Question 2



When Ethernet0/0 goes down the priority is decreased by 40 (standby 1 track 1 decrement 40). Therefore when it recovers the priority is increased by the same value of 40.

Question 3


HSRP Group 2 is connected via the E1/0 interfaces on both routers so we should check them carefully via the “show running-config” command:

On R1:


On R2:


As we can see there is no authentication on R1 while R2 requires authentication with password “cisco123” -> Authentication between R1 & R2 fails so R1 & R2 cannot exchange HSRP messages -> both R1 & R2 will claim the active role for HSRP group 2. You can verify again with the “show standby” command.

Question 4


Use the “show standby” command on R1 to get the virtual MAC addres of HSRP group 1:


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  1. Core
    August 12th, 2019

    @Core – iphelper

  2. Anonymous
    August 20th, 2019

    pass the exam today

    Question 2
    Refer to the exhibit. If router R1 interface Etherne0/1, “connection to R5”

  3. Sarah
    September 21st, 2019

    Any nice people can send me the switch valid dumps to (paynesarah768 @ gmail.com)
    with no spaces

  4. Core
    September 30th, 2019

    write email again: philipsmeloo @ gmail . com

  5. 007
    October 3rd, 2019

    Please Guide..!!!
    i have exam in next couple of week, Kindly just tell me, will i have exhibit pictures of output along with question for this HSRP Simulator or i have to access routers to see the output?? Please Answer.. Thanks in Advance.

  6. Yo
    October 24th, 2019

    The HSRP simulator doesn’t work I can only see a blank page – have enabled flash

  7. Yo
    October 24th, 2019

    HSRP sim states It can’t be shown in current domain, help please

  8. certprepare
    October 24th, 2019

    @Yo: We have just updated this sim, please try again!

  9. Anon
    February 2nd, 2020

    The answer of Q2 is wrong!!!! It’s A

    Should be:

    A. The interface will have the priority decremented by 40 for HSRP group 1.

    Certprepare: please update this asap! People are paying for this and it’s not fair to keep these kind of errors visible and provide incorrect info.

  10. Me
    February 2nd, 2020

    @Anon. It says if the interface goes down and recovers again. It will initially decrement but will increment again when it recovers

  11. NetMan
    February 2nd, 2020

    Q2 – the answer C is right. In the question it states: “If router R1 interface Etherne0/0 goes down and recovers….”. <— Note "recovers"

    So when it went down it was decremented by 40.

    And when it recovers the priority will be incremented by 40.

    So the answer is C, the priority will be incremented when the interface recovers.

  12. ricky
    February 4th, 2020

    pls provide me latest dump for switching I have exam in couple days k6206700 at gmail dot com

  13. CCNP Master
    February 7th, 2020

    Anon, revisit your HSRP concepts. Netman is right.

  14. E0/1 config
    February 12th, 2020

    Does anyone have the config of int e0/1 of R1?

  15. anony
    February 14th, 2020

    Do you have updated dumps?

  16. Steve
    February 16th, 2020

    14) Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands ensure that DSW1 becomes root bridge for VLAN 10 and 20? (choose two)
    A. Spanning-tree mstp 1 priority 0
    B. Spanning-gree mst 1 root primary
    C. Spanning -tree mst vlan 10,20 prority root
    D. Spanning-tree mst 1 priority 4096
    E. Spanning-tree mst 1 priority 1
    F. Spanning tree mstp vlan 10,20 root primary

    They say B and D but why not E?

  17. anonymouse
    February 20th, 2020

    3560E(config)#spanning-tree mst 1 priority 1
    % Bridge Priority must be in increments of 4096.
    % Allowed values are:
    0 4096 8192 12288 16384 20480 24576 28672
    32768 36864 40960 45056 49152 53248 57344 61440
    b/c the priority field of 16 is split into 4(vlanID) and 12(priority), the lowest incremental value ofof the upper 4 bits is 4096, so its like IV in subnetting, 0000 =0, 0001=4096, 0010=8192, 0011=8196+4096=12288 and so on. A. would be correct save for the mstp instead of mst which is wrong

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