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StackWise Questions 3

November 17th, 2018 in SWITCH 300-115 Go to comments

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3


The Switch Stack configuration files record these settings:
+ System-level (global) configuration settings – such as IP, STP, VLAN, and SNMP settings – that apply to all stack members
+ Stack member interface-specific configuration settings, which are specific for each stack member

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3750/software/release/12-2_44_se/configuration/guide/scg/swstack.pdf

Question 4

Question 5


A stack master retains its role unless one of these events occurs:
+ The switch stack is reset.*
+ The stack master is removed from the switch stack.
+ The stack master is reset or powered off -> A is correct.
+ The stack master fails.
+ The switch stack membership is increased by adding powered-on standalone switches or switch stacks.*

In the events marked by an asterisk (*), the current stack master might be reelected based on the listed factors.
When you power on or reset an entire switch stack, some stack members might not participate in the stack master election. Stack members that are powered on within the same 20-second time frame participate in the stack master election and have a chance to become the stack master -> E is correct.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3650/software/release/3e/ha_stack_manager/configuration_guide/b_stack_ha_3e_3650_cg/b_hastck_3se_3650_cg_chapter_010.html

Question 6

Note: The Cisco Virtual Switching System is a clustering technology that pools two Cisco Catalyst 4500-E Series Switches with Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine 7-E or 7-LE or two Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches into a single virtual switch.

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

  1. Anonymous
    December 13th, 2018

    regardin Q 8 : Cisco StackWise Virtual link is supported on all 10G interfaces, and 40G interfaces. However, a combination of both interfaces is not supported …. can someone help me with this? it’s not supported on all physical… only 10/40G

  2. Anonymous
    December 13th, 2018

    Which type of port can serve as StackWise Virtual link?
    A. downlink only
    B. uplink only
    C. switched port
    D. any physical port

  3. MrK
    December 14th, 2018

    Can anyone explain question 2?

    I cannot find a source to verify B is correct:

    Question 2

    Which two statements about stack is true? (Choose two)
    A. It is using one IP address to manage all switches.
    B. It shares one IP address in all switches, but they all work independently.
    C. It is using some IP address to manage all switches.
    D. It uses proprietary modules.

    Answer: A B

  4. pepitogrillo
    December 28th, 2018

    i guess question 2 is wrong. I think correct is A&D. Certprepare, please confirm

  5. ccie expert
    January 27th, 2019

    @ Anonymous, the answer is A and D

  6. Anonymous
    January 28th, 2019

    Is question 2 correct????

  7. Kasperl
    March 18th, 2019

    I would not see Catalyst switches as proprietary modules. And if they work independently, then there would be no need for stacking cables.
    Maybe Cisco questions more precisely.

  8. Anonymous
    May 14th, 2019

    can certprepare confirm question 2?

  9. frk
    June 24th, 2019


    There are modules for stacking in cisco switches, and in the stacking they share same management and control plane. So they can not work independently.

    i think ans A D

  10. LearningFool
    July 26th, 2019

    Can certprepare confirm question 2?

  11. Anonymous
    August 4th, 2019

    Question 8

    Which type of port can serve as StackWise Virtual link?
    A. downlink only
    B. uplink only
    C. switched port
    D. any physical port

    I think the answer is B? Is this correct?

  12. Engr Mark Peñaverde
    September 8th, 2019

    StackWise Virtual link is the link that connects the switches over Ethernet. Typically, Cisco StackWise Virtual consits of multiple 10-G or 40-G physical links. It carries all the control and data traffic between the switching units. You can configure any physical port as a StackWise Virtual link.


  13. Dmytro
    September 11th, 2019

    About Q2, I think right answers are A and D. D because StackWise is proprietary technology, so the modules should be proprietary to (from Cisco). Cisco said that StackWise uses proprietary cables and connectors, does it mean proprietary modules? i think Yes.
    For example: “The high-speed backplane of the Catalyst 3850 stack-ring fabric is constructed by daisy-chaining the stack-member switches with Cisco proprietary cables that connect rear-side stack ports. The Cisco stack fabric consists of multiple uni-directional data transmission rings. The aggregated throughput that a stack of switches support is a combination of two major factors:”

  14. Dmytro
    September 11th, 2019

    But Cisco’s questions sometimes are very tricky, maybe they didn’t mean StackWise in Q2.
    Its only my opinion…

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