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VLAN Questions

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Question 1


The Port Fast feature is automatically enabled when voice VLAN is configured. When you disable voice VLAN, the Port Fast feature is not automatically disabled.

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3550/software/release/12-1_19_ea1/configuration/guide/3550scg/swvoip.html

Question 2


802.1Q VLAN frames are distinguished from ordinary Ethernet frames by the insertion of a 4-byte VLAN tag into the Ethernet header.


Question 3


Because the 802.1Q tunneling feature increases the frame size by 4 bytes when the metro tag is added, you must configure all switches in the service-provider network to be able to process maximum frames by increasing the switch system MTU size to at least 1504 bytes.

Question 4


The VLAN ID field inside an 802.1q frame consists of 12 bits. Therefore we have 212 = 4096 VLAN IDs, theoretically.


Question 5


Each access port can be only assigned to one VLAN via the “switchport access vlan ” command.

Question 6


This command is used to enable tagging of native VLAN frames on all 802.1Q trunk ports.

Answer A is not correct because even when the native VLAN is set to 1, all of the frames of the native VLAN are tagged.

Answer B is not correct because the control traffic still passes via the default VLAN (VLAN 1).

Answer C is not correct because all the frames are tagged with 4-byte dot1Q tag.

Answer D is not correct as “Control traffic continues to be accepted as untagged on the native VLAN on a trunked port, even when the vlan dot1q tag native command is enabled” according to this link: https://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_us/techdoc/dc/reference/cli/nxos/commands/l2/vlan-dot1q-tag-native.html

Question 7


When you delete a VLAN, any LAN ports configured as access ports assigned to that VLAN become inactive. The ports remain associated with the VLAN (and inactive) until you assign them to a new VLAN.

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst6500/ios/12-2SX/configuration/guide/book/vlans.html

Question 8


The PortFast feature is automatically enabled when voice VLAN is configured. When you disable voice VLAN, the PortFast feature is not automatically disabled.

Question 9

Question 10

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  1. Zambia
    April 16th, 2015

    Q6. My understanding is that when you enter the command it will tagger the traffic for the native vlan & drop untagged traffic(explanation from Marrion link )

    To maintain the tagging on the native VLAN and drop untagged traffic, enter the vlan dot1q tag native command. The switch will tag the traffic received on the native VLAN and admit only 802.1Q-tagged frames, dropping any untagged traffic, including untagged traffic in the native VLAN.

  2. vass
    April 22nd, 2015

    The answer in 6 is D because “some” control traffic will be tagged (for example STP will be), other will not (cdp,vtp), So D is the “best” answer (all the other are wrong)

  3. Simpleton
    May 23rd, 2015

    Here’s the rules: Any traffic coming in through an access port will be assigned to a vlan. If that vlan is not the default – native – vlan, it will get a vlan tag. If the port defaults to the native vlan, by default, no vlan tag is added to the frame; if tagging the default frame has been enabled, the frame will get a vlan 1 tag.

    All traffic exiting an access port has its vlan tag, if one exists, stripped.

    Trunk ports neither add vlan tags, nor strip vlan tags – ever.

    All control traffic travels on the native vlan. The native vlan, by default, does not add a vlan tag; it can, however be configured to add a vlan tag. Is there any good reason to add a vlan tag to native vlan traffic? No.

    A. – It doesn’t matter what the native vlan ID is, 1, or otherwise. By default it is not tagged; but it can be by using the command to do so.

    B. – Say what? This doesn’t even make sense. Control traffic always travels using the native vlan.

    C. – Since it is a trunk port, vlan tags are neither added nor stripped.

    D. – If you elect to tag native vlan frames – which is the heart of the question – then frames that use the native vlan for control traffic will have vlan tags applied.

  4. Libert
    May 25th, 2015


    There is a very good reason to tag native VLAN – “attack” of VLAN traversing or hopping.

  5. isis_isis
    June 2nd, 2015

    For more practice, keep following technical blogs on VLAN and etc…check this for VLAN…


  6. Manisha
    July 30th, 2015

    Hi guys,
    Can someone tell me please where i’ll find the questions.

  7. tufail
    August 7th, 2015

    please someone tell me..!
    why certprepare.com is not showing question..?
    this is permanant or for sometime..?

  8. where is questions
    August 11th, 2015

    plz where i can found questions

  9. Zsan P.
    August 19th, 2015

    Brows on comments to find the link where to download the questions.

  10. Chia’tAtA
    August 20th, 2015

    D is best answer.

    The command force a switch to tag the native VLAN on all its 802.1Q trunks.
    Remember that with 802.1q the native vlan can be tagged or untagged.
    When untagged vlan hopping is possible.
    When tagged vlan hopping is not possible.
    If native vlan is different from vlan 1, then vlan 1 is treated as normal vlan on the trunk and will be tagged.

  11. Anonymous
    August 28th, 2015

    Hi all,

    Can somebody provide the questions? I would really appreciate that!!

  12. certprepare
    August 29th, 2015

    Because of copyrighted issues, certprepare had to remove all questions and answers. You can download them at http://www.mediafire.com/view/9mq20kx0mgam6k7/SWITCH_July_2015.pdf

  13. kulot
    October 15th, 2015

    can anyone send the labs simulation for the ccnp switch to my email re_hariet@yahoo.com?thanks alot guys

  14. Anonymous
    November 4th, 2015

    Hallo all ,

    Can you help me with dumps image and with the labs for ccnp switch 300-115 ?

    Please send me at email sguroiuviorel@yahoo.com

    Thanks all

  15. Sabinay
    November 5th, 2015

    @ certprepare, In switch july PDF file there are some missing new questions, Please provide us the latest file….

  16. USA
    November 9th, 2015

    question 4 seems to be asking for the whole tag in the 802.1q frame, not just the Vlan ID component within the tag itself. I would say the correct answer is 32 not 12. Poor wording of the question as usual.

  17. SAM
    November 29th, 2015


    here is the question ”What is the size of the VLAN field inside an 802.1q frame?”

    this part of the question tells us about what it is (VLAN field inside an 802.1q frame) more precisely that ”inside” word

    so question is alright

  18. Luis
    December 3rd, 2015

    I think that the Q4 is bad posed, since the 802.1Q is actually a tag, not a frame. The 802.1Q is made by 4 bytes, 32 bits, and the VLAN fied is composed of 12 bits:

    “When placing a VLAN tag (also known as an IEEE 802.1Q tag) on the Ethernet frame, the four bytes of data, which make up the VLAN tag, are inserted before the Type field, as shown in the following figure. This 4-byte header includes several pieces of information:

    A 2-byte Tag Protocol Identifier (TPID), which will be set to a value of 0x8100 to denote that this frame carries 802.1Q or 802.1p tag information.

    A 2-byte Tag Control Information (TCI), which is made of the following:

    A 3-bit user Priority Code Point (PCP) that sets a priority value between 0 and 7, which can be used for Quality of Service (QoS) priority traffic delivery.

    A 1-bit Canonical Format Indicator (CFI) that is a compatibility bit between Ethernet and other network structures, such as Token Ring. For Ethernet networks, this value will also be set to zero.

    A 12-bit VLAN Identifier (VID) that identifies the VLAN the frame belongs to.”
    Source: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-virtual-local-area-networks-vlans-work.html

  19. Jen
    December 4th, 2015

    Hi All,
    I only see answers. Where are the questions? Thanks!

  20. arul
    December 7th, 2015

    Where are the questions?

  21. Maksimov
    December 22nd, 2015

    Dump not valid.
    22 dec 2015 try to pass.
    Have 60% new questions

  22. thnd
    December 23rd, 2015

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  23. neat.boar
    December 23rd, 2015

    Yeap. Questions are changed. Tryed to pass 22dec and failed. Maksimov,hi bro).
    My score is 711. Very sad.

  24. niko
    January 7th, 2016


    where are the questions ?


  25. M0H
    February 14th, 2016

    you will need to become premium member in order to see questions and answers together


  26. xt
    February 18th, 2016

    I can see only the answer .where is the qus ?

  27. Маја
    March 14th, 2016

    People where issues. There are only explanations. Does anyone know where to find issues?

  28. Маја
    March 14th, 2016

    If you changed where we can find new issues.

  29. FustratedCCNPLoser
    March 26th, 2016

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  30. Gihan
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  31. Some dude studying just like you
    August 20th, 2016

    With regards to “vlan dot1q tag native” …
    I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, but I could not find anything official explicitly stating that control traffic is tagged with this command. However, I found a variation of the command:
    “vlan dot1q tag native exclude control”
    Which implies that control traffic IS tagged (the exclude option would seem to allow you to optionally exclude it”

    Interestingly, even when the control traffic is tagged in this manner, untagged control traffic on VLAN 1 will continue to be *accepted*: See this article:

  32. Jake
    October 29th, 2016

    I don’t see the questions just the answers? Am I crazy

  33. The Grinch
    December 12th, 2016

    Finally passed the Route! Was a long journey… As I got caught in the update. However came across the ebay dump mentioned by others and passed the exam yesterday. The materials are still vailid. Like how he has packet tracer available for 3 of the simulations. It was good practice. No new questions.

    The link below is the ebay matierlas I have utilized, if you would like to use as well:


    Cheers Guys and Happy Holidays!

  34. Anonymous
    December 15th, 2016

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    could any one tell me , where to get the questions all above answers ?

  35. master
    December 20th, 2016

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  36. bisaya
    December 20th, 2016

    pls share your ccnp expirence on taking the exam, if this site is still valid?

  37. Anonymous
    December 26th, 2016
  38. Lorry
    January 11th, 2017

    Passed my Switch Exam! 191Q is valid. I’m pretty sure information on this site is helpful but I used study materials from this ebay seller I came across on my CCNA/CCNP Route cert prep journey. He tends to have the latest updates for all the exams he provides. He seems to not have the TShoot Cert Prep but will see if he has that lol. Onto completing my CCNP Certification!

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  39. Happy
    January 15th, 2017

    Congratulations Lorry! thanks for sharing experience.
    I’ve just start the CCNP SWITCH.

  40. NotSoSwitched
    February 4th, 2017

    Hi All,
    Just failed with 759 (790 needed). 25% new questions compared to the dumps that have 230Q. Worst is I have forgotten almost all new questions because they were multiple choice. It looks like there are a few different tests, some that match the dumps and some that don’t.
    Very disappointed as this is a must for me to pass to renew my ccnp!
    New questions I kind of recall are (multiple choice so I don’t know the offered answers):
    – switchport trunk and switchort access on the same port
    – MST configuration
    – SDM profile – (A: stored on master switch)
    – mac-move question
    – what happens when vlan.dat is deleted and switch reloaded?
    Note: one question had GLBP UDP 3222 as an answer (one of the multiple choice).
    Please let me know if you have additional new questions. You can send it to sgobeljic2000. It is yahoo

  41. Anonymous
    March 8th, 2017

    There are no questions here only explanations. Where to find these questions for self practice?

  42. Marco
    March 31st, 2017

    Just came back from the exam:

    Q6 was changed. New possible answers were:
    – untagged traffic will be passes to the native vlan;
    – untagged traffic will be passed to the default vlan
    – untagged traffic wil be dropped.
    To my opninion the last choice “the traffic will be dropped” is the right answer. See underneath:

    Typically, you configure 802.1Q trunks with a native VLAN ID, which strips tagging from all packets on that VLAN.
    To maintain the tagging on the native VLAN and drop untagged traffic, use the vlan dot1q tag native command. The switch will tag the traffic received on the native VLAN and admit only 802.1Q-tagged frames, dropping any untagged traffic, including untagged traffic in the native VLAN.
    Control traffic continues to be accepted as untagged on the native VLAN on a trunked port, even when the vlan dot1q tag native command is enabled

  43. switchelp
    April 30th, 2017

    @ALL Attention 191q is not sufficient …

  44. Niazi
    May 9th, 2017

    I failed with 191 q dumps in Feb-2017
    how it is valid in end of April
    Ha Ha Ha……

  45. CiscoGuy
    May 12th, 2017

    Niazi, because they switch the questions around but still from the same sources including 191Q

  46. Mat
    May 16th, 2017

    I passed today with the dumps from the link above but it has 251 questions.
    On my second try I have to admit went the first time with the question from here but they only covered 50% of what was on the exam.

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