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We want to write more!

December 15th, 2012 in News Go to comments

Dear our readers,

First we really want to say thanks to all who are reading certprepare.com. Thank for the time you spent with us, your comments and opinions.

Our team had a conversation about certprepare.com. We all love to write tutorials, explanations and answer questions from our readers. We love to support you to achieve your targets but our time is limited. So recently new questions, tutorials have not been added to certprepare. It is sad to say but if we keep this situation, certprepare cannot develop anymore. After that talk, we decide that certprepare should have a premium membership part to fully support you.

We really hope to continue bringing you amazing stuffs in the networking field. But without the fund, certprepare and other sites cannot operate. With your support, we can continue offering SWITCH tutorials and questions more frequently. We also try our best to keep the fee as small as possible (currently $19 a month or $35 for two months) while bringing you our best support.

Become premium member allows you to access:

+ Flash-based questions to check your knowledge before each topic of SWITCH. See example.
+ Flash-based questions on all topics of SWITCH to help you fully prepare for the SWITCH exam.
+ Popular lab Simulators.

We wish you to understand our situation now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment here or contact us at support@certprepare.com.

Note: The Premium Membership fee is non-recurring so you will not be charged automatically when your Premium Membership expires.

Thanks and regards,

Certprepare team.

Note: The Premium Membership on this site is dedicated for the SWITCH exam.


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  1. Anonymous
    August 8th, 2019

    Guess try to end of year,2019, hope I learn enough to try for switch300-115 exam again.

  2. aaw
    August 10th, 2019

    Hello dears

    Can I please have the valid CCNP Switch dumps. It will be so much appreciated
    aaw.ali.922 @ gmail.com

    Best regards

  3. GmcD
    August 26th, 2019

    Does Premium membership include new vce files?
    Thank You

  4. GoguPintea
    September 19th, 2019

    Are the questions from PDF (latest one SWITCH_Jul_2019.pdf) same as in premium?? Thx.

  5. Burìk
    October 25th, 2019

    Do Premium members have access to more new questions?

  6. Burìk
    November 8th, 2019

    @ myself: yes, definitely!

  7. Mimitsous
    November 12th, 2019

    Hello everyone,

    Does premium membership include all questions? old + new ?
    And do we get to practice the labs here, or we need to simulate them on packet tracer or GNS3 ?

    Thank you

  8. wajeeh
    November 14th, 2019

    Looking for exam 700-150

  9. Sean
    November 18th, 2019

    Hi, pls share switch latest dumps on seanamansATgmailDOTcom. Many thanks

  10. Snake
    December 3rd, 2019

    How many questions does the premium have?

  11. Jack
    December 21st, 2019

    @Certprepare Team,
    I’m confused with the name of this website.
    The link on the NetworkTut website takes me
    to this page.
    Thinking about the premium membership.
    But, it as reliable as NetworkTut?

  12. TreisTeleiesMike
    December 23rd, 2019

    Flash will be completely removed from all browsers by December 31, 2020. How this affects flash-based questions and premium memberships, are you removing dependency from flash before then?

  13. DoTell
    December 27th, 2019

    What is going to happen with the flash after the first of the year?

  14. certprepare
    December 29th, 2019

    @DoTell: We will migrate to HTML5 before that date so don’t worry!

  15. certprepare
    December 29th, 2019

    @Jack: Yes, it is reliable as networktut.

  16. wannabuy
    December 31st, 2019

    Paypal is not usable (supported) on my country so is there any other payment method i may use? Note: By the way, your effort is huge and you are making everything easier for CCNA & CCNP track. I really appreciate it. Keep it going.

  17. solutiondave
    January 2nd, 2020

    Is there support for the CCDP Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures Exam (300-320)?

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