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The headquarter offices for a book retailer are enhancing their wiring closets with Layer3 switches. The new distribution-layer switch has been installed and a new access-layer switch cabled to it. Your task is to configure VTP to share VLAN information from the distribution-layer switch to the access-layer devices. Then, it is necessary to configure interVLAN routing on the distribution layer switch to route traffic between the different VLANs that are configured on the access-layer switches; however, it is not necessary for you to make the specific VLAN port assignments on the access-layer switches. Also, because VLAN database mode is being deprecated by Cisco, all VLAN and VTP configurations are to be completed in the global configuration mode. Please reference the following table for the VTP and VLAN information to be configured:



VTP Domain name cisco  
VLAN Ids 20 21
IP Addresses

These are your specific tasks:

1. Configure the VTP information with the distribution layer switch as the VTP server
2. Configure the VTP information with the access layer switch as a VTP client
3. Configure VLANs on the distribution layer switch
4. Configure inter-VLAN routing on the distribution layer switch
5. Specific VLAN port assignments will be made as users are added to the access layer switches in the future.
6. All VLANs and VTP configurations are to completed in the global configuration. To configure the switch click on the host icon that is connected to the switch be way of a serial console cable.

Answer and Explanation:


1) Configure the VTP information with the distribution layer switch as the VTP server:


DLSwitch#configure terminal
DLSwitch(config)#vtp mode server
DLSwitch(config)#vtp domain cisco (use cisco, not CISCO because it is case sensitive)

(Requirement 2 will be solved later)
3) Configure VLANs on the distribution layer switch

To create VLANs on a switch, use the vlan vlanID# command:
DLSwitch(config)#vlan 20
DLSwitch(config)#vlan 21

Configure Ip addresses for Vlans:

DLSwitch(config)#interface vlan 20
DLSwitch(if-config)#ip address
DLSwitch(if-config)#no shutdown
DLSwitch(if-config)#interface vlan 21
DLSwitch(if-config)#ip address
DLSwitch(if-config)#no shutdown

4) Configure inter-VLAN routing on the distribution layer switch

DLSwitch(config)#ip routing
DLSwitch#copy running-config startup-config

2) Configure the VTP information with the access layer switch as a VTP client

ALSwitch#configure terminal
ALSwitch(config)#vtp mode client
ALSwitch(config)#vtp domain cisco

ALSwitch#copy running-config startup-config

(Notice: Many reports said the copy running-config startup-config didn’t work but they still got the full mark)

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  1. dimsum
    May 17th, 2018

    What about configuring fa0/1 as a trunk? You won’t be able to do interVLAN routing or VTP propagation without it.

  2. patzen
    July 10th, 2018

    dimsum – I thought the same, probably worth issuing some show commands on the exam to verify if the link is set as trunk if not configure it accordingly

  3. Answer
    November 27th, 2018

    trunk auto negotiation is on by default. If you connect 2 switches to each other, it will negotiate trunk connection by default, and allow all configured vlan to pass on the trunk link.

  4. iamwallen
    December 16th, 2018

    I passed the exam today. Some of the questions are new, rephrased and need time to understand it well. I encountered questions on TACACS and RADIUS but just the process of comparison and elimination to get the correct answers. Do not master the dumps but understand it well to pass the exam. I had the LACP with VTP and the HSRP simulation in the exam. Drag and drop are also seems new for the ARP, AVF, AVG but just the same concept.
    I was very nervous that I might not pass but, thank God, I passed (835).
    Good luck to the next takers. Review well and don’t forget to pray.

  5. Anonymous
    December 20th, 2018

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